Is Online Gambling Better?

Is Online Gambling Better?


For years now, the debate has raged regarding whether online gaming is better or worse than playing at a land based casino. Clearly, this is a debate that cannot be “won” because it really boils down to what is most important to the individual player.

In all actuality, both are “better” in some ways. There are some aspects however (regarding the actual gaming experience) that we feel tip the scales in favor of the Online gaming experience.

They are as follows:

You can take your time and play!
There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to HURRY UP and place your bets. With most online casinos there are no time limits which means you can wait 1 second or 1 hour between bets without feeling like you “missed out” on a good hand/spin/roll etc.
For instance, let’s say that you are playing Roulette and you’ve been playing Red 14 for the past 20 spins. At a land-based casino, you must play every single spin (at the pace set by the dealer) or you may miss your hit. It really takes the fun out of playing when you want to slow down for a minute (or maybe even use the bathroom) only to have your “hit” come up the second your money is off the table.

Easy Access! By “Easy Access” we mean a few things.
One, you don’t have to pack your bags, empty your bank account, stow the kids, and jump on a plane. If you feel like betting $5 on a hand of blackjack, you can do that much more efficiently than with the “Big Trip” to a land based establishment.
Two, you won’t be fighting to squeeze in on a game with a bunch of other players.
Three, you can literally play 50 different games, in 20 different casinos, without ever having to leave your desk (let alone the City, State, Country, etc.)


Probably the best thing about gaming online is that there are NO distractions. Land based casinos are typically loud, smoky, crowded, and full of people that you may or may not want to be around. With an online casino, you can choose everything that makes you happy. You can dress as you like, play the music you like, play as fast or slow as you like, eat at the table, drink at the table (basically anything you want at the table) with only your own rules to abide by.


There are SO many different online casinos and games to choose from, it is literally mind-boggling. It’s like going to a land-based casino, sitting down and saying, “OK, bring me this game, that game, some of those games, and 1 extra of those please.”


When was the last time a land based casino offered you $150 in chips for your $75 “buy in”? Our guess is it has never happened, but it happens all over the net. (See “Casino Bonus $$$” for some of the most recent offers being made.


One, you don’t have to worry about being bonked in the head because you just won a few thousand bucks. Nobody but you knows that you won, and in most cases the payment can be wired straight into your bank account.
Two, you are not carrying around Cash, ID, a room key, etc. which could be easily lost or stolen.

All of this may seem a bit one-sided, so in fairness I’d like to say that NOTHING beats the over-all “physical” experience of walking through Las Vegas, or lounging on the beach in the Caribbean. Hands down, Vegas (and a lot of other destinations) offer far more kinds of Entertainment when it comes to different things to do…no argument there. But, if you want to compare the actual activity of gambling and all that goes along with it, I’d put my money on the “at home” experience for being more fun. I’ve won (and lost) plenty in both land-based and home-based casinos. The feelings are all there in either case. A big win is just as exciting and a big loss (although a little less embarrassing in the privacy of your own setting) stings just the same! So in factoring everything else, Online gets the winning bid!