Video Poker

Video poker is indeed a class of gambling game that facilitates the use of a strategy – showing positive and
consistent results when executed appropriately with sound poker sense. Most video poker players will agree
on what cards to hold and what cards to discard, for video poker – unlike table poker – does not have multiple
betting rounds, nor factor in bluffing and betting patterns into the equation. On the other hand, the game
consists of making a single bet, a single round of discarding, and maybe a high-card showdown (which, incidentally, is the part of video poker that rests on pure luck and not strategy).

What are Video Pokers?

Video Pokers are a relatively modern invention, a merger of sorts between traditional Poker and slot machines. A video poker game is a contest between the player and the machine. The dealer (the machine) will deal the player two hands of five cards each. When the player receives his first hand he must decide which cards to hold (keep) or discard. The objective is to finish the game with the strongest hand possible. The payout at the end of the game is dependent on the value of the hand the player is holding. If the player has won, the game will offer him an additional opportunity to increase his winnings by participating in a Doubling phase.

The game ‘Jacks or Better’ is standard video poker with extra high payouts for Four of a Kind payouts made of Aces or Face cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks). The game has no wild cards and the maximum payout is 4000 coins.

Game Features

Any video poker machine is easy to use.

The Increase and Decrease buttons control how many coins you wish to wager. You can also click on the appropriate column of the Payout Schedule.

The Coin Size menu controls the size of the coins you are wagering.

The Deal button starts any game of Video poker. You must have enough credits to meet your current wagering level to start a new game.

The Cards determine the outcome of the game. Five cards are dealt at the start of each new game.

You can hold a card by clicking on it and unselect a card by clicking on it again. When the cards are held they will be marked to indicate this.

Once you have decided on which cards to hold you can discard the remaining cards by pressing the Draw button. The cards you have not held will be taken away and replaced by fresh cards from the deck.

Playing the Game

Playing a video poker requires only a basic understanding of the composition of various video poker hands. The game itself is simple.

Decide on the coin size you wish to play with by going to the Coin Size menu.

Decide how many coins you wish to bet by clicking on the appropriate column on the payout schedule or by using the Increase and Decrease buttons

Press Deal to start the game.

Your first hand of cards will appear in the play area. Examine them carefully. You should compare the cards in your hand with the payout schedule on screen. Any winning hands in your first hand will be indicated on the payout schedule and, if automatic hold is enabled, the cards will automatically be held for you.

You can hold a card by clicking on it and unselect a card by clicking on it again. When the cards are held they will be marked to indicate this.

Choose the cards that can potentially give you the highest payout.

When you are ready press the Draw button to get your new cards. The cards you have not held will be removed and replaced with fresh cards from the deck. If your cards make up a winning hand you will be offered an opportunity to Double your money or to collect your winnings.

Once you have collected your winnings you can begin another hand of Video Poker by pressing the Deal button again.

Payout Schedule

The game you are currently playing follows the standard rules of the game “Jacks or Better Poker.” The table below shows the payouts (in coins) for the winning hands. A similar table can be found above the cards on the game screen. The winning hands will be paid out according to the number of coins bet. The total amount won will depend on the amount of coins bet and the value of each coin.

The Poker Hands

Natural Royal Flush

This is the highest hand in standard Poker and consists of the following cards: A K Q J 10 all of the same suit.

Straight Flush

This is a combination of five sequential cards all of the same suit.

Four of a Kind

This is a combination of four of the same cards.

Full House

This is a combination of three cards of one denomination and two cards of another denomination.


Five cards all of the same suit.


Five cards in sequence of any suit.

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same denomination and two unmatched cards.

Two Pairs

Two different pairs and any fifth card.

Jacks or Better

Two faces of the same denomination with no other pair or third matching card.


If you wish, you can choose the ‘Allow Double‘ option in the ‘Options‘ menu of the game. It is on by default. This toggles the doubling option on or off. If this option is not turned on the game will not allow you to double on a winning hand!

The doubling option gives you a chance to further increase your winnings! After completing a winning hand you will be given the chance to double the payout or to collect your winnings. The ‘Double’ and ‘Collect’ buttons will be highlighted. To collect your winnings, press the ‘Collect’ button. The game will then be finished and you will have a chance to play again. If you want to try and win even more, press the ‘Double’ button again.

When you press the ‘Double’ button, the cards will be removed from the screen and a further five cards will replace them. The dealer’s card will be exposed, while the remaining four cards will be left face down. Select one of the ‘face down’ cards by clicking on it. The four cards will flip over to reveal themselves. The card you selected will be highlighted. If the card you chose has a rank greater than that of the dealer’s card, you will win an amount double that of your original payout. You will then be given the chance to double your payout even further or to collect your winnings. If your chosen card is of an equal rank, it is a tie, and you will have a chance to collect your original winnings or to double up. If the card you chose is of a lesser rank, you lose and will not receive any payout.

Each doubling action gives you the chance to double the current value of the payout at the risk of receiving no payout at all, should you lose. You will not be given the option of doubling if your current payout equals or exceeds the Casino’s limit on doubling. To determine what the doubling limit is please consult the Casino’s web page.


When you start any video poker game the computer will check whether the game was in progress when you last disconnected from the Casino server. If so, you will be given the opportunity to finish off the game, as if you had never left. If you had finished the game, you will see the cards that were last dealt to you before you left.

A brief look at what a video poker table looks like:
video poker